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Volunteers are a critical part of providing services at the Scarborough Public Library. They are also the lifeblood of the Friends of the Scarborough Library. Both organizations have their own volunteer needs and programs.

Volunteers for the Library serve many functions, both on a regular and occasional basis. For more details, or to become a volunteer for the Scarborough Public Library, go to the Scarborough Library's volunteer page.

Volunteering for the Friends provides many benefits, including:

  • Acquiring new skills
  • Work experience
  • Expanding social horizons
  • Contributing to the community
  • Appreciation from colleagues

To volunteer for the Friends, whether you want to speak or help at a Friends program, spend a few hours preparing for the book sale, become a regular volunteer, serve on a committee, or help in another way, e-mail us at Or fill out our volunteer form here.

Our Committees:

Our committees are chaired by members of the Friends Board. If you have extra time and would like to serve as an adjunct committee member, you will receive an enthusiastic welcome.  We are always looking for fresh ideas and the enthusiasm that new members bring to any organization.

Board of Directors: As a member of the Board, help the organization achieve its mission.

Programs: Help develop ideas for new adult and children programs; help present programs: serve as interface between the Friends and the speaker; prepare publicity material, introduce speaker, and prepare follow-up thank you letters.

Book Sale (usually the 3rd week of June): Prior to the sale: Help sort donated books between March and June. May require lifting boxes, standing and walking in a confined space with reduced lighting. During the sale: direct visitors to the correct location; restock tables. If asked, recommend books and authors; assist with post-sale disposal. Restocking display tables typically requires bending and lifting heavy flats from the floor to the table.

Archives: Help review current files and select material for permanent retention; review and update retention policy; provide guidance to board on materials to be retained.

Membership: Help redesign a new membership brochure; reach out to new members; maintain contact with current members.

Publicity: Develop ideas to effectively keep the community informed about the Friends' mission and scheduled programs.