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Print page 1 of this form and return to us with your check or print a PDF version.

Yes, I want to become a member of the Friends of the Scarborough Library
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2015-2016 Membership Levels (Please check category)

The membership year extends from September 1 – August 31.

Renewing Member_______ New member__________

Individual $15_____ Family $25_____ Sustaining $50_____

Business $75_____ Sponsor $100_____ Donation______

Check payable to: Friends of the Scarborough Library
You may leave the application & check a tthe Library Circulation Desk /or mail to:
Friends c/oMembership Chair
48 Gorham Road
Scarborough ME 04074

Would you be interested in helping with Friends' events?
If so, please take a moment to indicate your area(s) of interest. We'll stay in touch

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