Image: Annual Meeting 2015 title

Scarborough Public Library
Sunday, October 18, 2015
2:00 p.m.

You will hear about the successes of the last year and upcoming events sponsored by the Friends.
Come and see old Friends and meet new ones.
Vote for your Advisory Board members and learn about budgetary plans for this year.

Annual Meeting Agenda

November 12, 2015 Minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting
2:00 p.m
Business Meeting
President - Sue Helms
Welcome and introduction of Board Members and Committee Chairs
Presentation of Donation to Library Director, Nancy Crowell
Recognition of outgoing Board Member: Julie Krithivas
Treasurer's Report on our current finances
2:20 p.m
Brief Reports from Committee Chairs: What we've done, what's coming,
Book Sale, Program, Membership, Publicity/Web, Archives, Bylaws
2:45 p.m

Nominating Committee: Proposed new board members June Gillis and Karen Lavigne.

The Nominating Committee is pleased to put forth Mrs. Karen Lavigne's name as a member of the Friend's Board. Karen is a relative new comer to our town and the Friend's organization. This last year she helped with the Book Sale and scooping ice cream at the end of the children's Summer Reading Program. Currently she is a member of the Program Committee. She is anxious to become more involved in the community. She is currently employed at IDEXX.

Call for Nominations for the Board from the floor
Election of new Board member

3:00 p.m Business Meeting Adjourned
Program "Doings at the Library" - Celeste Shinay, Manager of Programs and Development and Louise Capizzo, Head of Children's and Youth Services.
  Image: Celeste Shinay, Manager of Programs and Development
Committee Reports

Report of the Program Committee (PDF)
Report of the Membership Committee (PDF)
Report of the Publicity/Website Committee (PDF)
Report of the Book Sale Committee (PDF)
Report of the Archives Committee (PDF)
Report of the Treasurer (PDF) added to site on 9/19/2016